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PloktaTV bumper

Plokta returns as a streaming event for those exhausted by streaming. Linear TV for a generation that already killed off linear TV. Broadcasting for a post-broadcasting world. From cathodes to pixels, channel-hopping to binge-watching, ratings to clicks – television has changed, and not only for the better. So we’re connecting a past era of network broadcasting with a future beyond this media-saturated present. The cord might have been cut on cable TV, but we’re still plugging in.

Forget personalised. Forget on demand. PloktaTV SE/02 unveils the hidden life of technology, live on television. We are an organic, global meeting of your new favourite young artists, shoebox projects, and experiments. We gather the works and ideas of the brightest minds, and beam them to you, the viewer, directly. For one week, 24 hours a day, synchronously, worldwide.

Tune in from 22 till 28 March,
here on this website......

Stay home. Watch TV. PloktaTV.