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Plokta TV - Open Call!


Open Call!

UPDATE: open call is closed

Obviously the corona crisis caught Plokta Festival by surprise. The festival was moving full steam ahead. We are still looking for a way to postpone Plokta. In the meantime, with PloktaTV we found a nice way to channel the creative energy of the festival into an online broadcasting station.

Plokta will be televised!

Are you an (aspiring)artist / designer / filmmaker / documentary maker / creative coder / etcetera? Plokta TV will broadcast online from the 1st of April until the 5th, showcasing various videos about technology and offering a space for discussion. For this, we need a lot of film. 

We invite you to send in your work. Send in your early work, your already published work, your experiments, your lectures, your sketches, your live coding registration, etcetera. Plokta is still figuring how to create a program for this TV channel. But if your film offers some sort of (creative) reflection on technology and its impact on society, we'll surely find a slot.

Apply as soon as possible.
PloktaTV goes live in less than a week!