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Hidden Life

For the second season of PloktaTV we dive deeper into the Hidden Life of Technology.

Technology is good at hiding. We have always lived with technologies. Bricks. Postal codes. Horsepower. Microwaves. The moment they are part of our lives, they disappear from view. Now technology is better than ever at hiding: beneath friendly interfaces, behind high walls, between the lines of the terms and conditions… in the palm of your hand. 

Film is good at showing. It can pierce the surface of technology, revealing its secret lives. Film shows what the naked eye can’t see: the near and the distant; the past and possible futures. It makes you think, or stops you thinking altogether, immersing you in a story to enchant your dreams – or keep you up at night. To look with new eyes, or to watch in pure awe.


PloktaTV unravels the relationship between people and technologies, in all their different forms. The films are not just about gears, valves and switches, but mostly about people and about how we are connected through technologies. About what part they play in our mental lives. In our surroundings. In our societies. 

Plokta’s program approaches these questions across fiction, science fiction, documentary, computer code and video art. Not simply the domain of filmmakers, these works also allow designers and artists to provide unique insights into these elusive interactions: stories and images to unveil and to speculate. 

See for yourself. Challenge your understanding of what technology is, what it does, and what to make of it. Find your fix, something to push your buttons, or to dazzle you with the ghost in the machine.

Tune in on PloktaTV
from 22 to 28 March 2021