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Open Call

NEWS 15/02/2021 NEWS 15/02/2021

Deadline: 28 Februari 2021

Dear artist / filmmaker / designer / essays / lecturer / creative coder / ....

Last year, PloktaTV emerged from the cancelled first edition of Plokta Festival in Amsterdam. We developed a makeshift TV channel and presented 47 amazing filmmakers to streamers worldwide. Obviously, cancelling the festival IRL was a huge let-down, but PloktaTV broadened our view of film and video. This year, as the pandemic continues, we look to keep exploring streaming television as a means for thinking about technology and society. That’s where you come in...

– Plokta invites you to send in your work!

We aim to turn the theme of SE/02, The Hidden Life of Technology, into an intersection for ideas, (artistic) disciplines, types of media, time periods, time zones, cultures, backgrounds and perspectives. As curators of the program, we are looking for high-quality video, that is relevant to the theme and that adds to the variety of the overall program.

If your work is selected, it will be shown multiple times during the course of the week. PloktaTV offers linear television, so viewers will see the same stream synchronously worldwide. The program will start on March 22nd (20:00 CET) and will run until March 28th (midnight CET). Access to PloktaTV is free of charge and the program will be available worldwide. All films will be protected (watermarked) with a small Plokta logo in the left corner of the screen. In addition to online TV stream, we will project PloktaTV on the Plokta office building in Amsterdam. 

Send in your work before 28 Februari 2021
Hope to see you on TV!

Apply Here