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Live from April 1, 21:00 until April 5, 23:59 Central European Time

About PloktaTV

Let's return to the golden age of broadcasting, when the medium really was the message, and the tube was the shining light bringing households together. To watch events unfold – good, bad, revolutionary.

The festival might have been postponed, but the show must go on!

Today as the pandemic shuts us in our homes, Plokta TV connects works and creators from around the world, exploring technologies and their effects on society, for better or worse. This channel rolls on in synchronicity, just like back when families witnessed the world’s shifts simultaneously through cathode ray monitors.

“In television, images are projected at you. You are the screen. The images wrap around you. You are the vanishing point.” Marshall McLuhan, 1966.

Long gone are the times when media scholars made dramatic claims about TV, whether as the great democratiser, or the idiot box – the new collective culture, or the bad omen of the society of the spectacle. Technology may have moved on, but TV has become yet again a gathering point with newfound relevance for a time when gatherings are no longer permitted.

So tune in your dial, and gather round the warm glow of your set.

Stay home. Watch TV. PloktaTV.

PloktaTV was live... with films by:

@lbert figurt / Adriana Ghimp / Alastair Jones / Alice Strete / Alice Wong / Anna Maconi / Armand Bakx / Benjamin Hall / Brett Foxwell / Carl Herner / Dimitris Gkikas / Emilia Tapprest / Grietje Keller / Inez de Coo / Jed Fielder / Jonas Ersland / Jordy Ringeling / Kexin Hao / Laurens Mooiweer / Lénie Blue / MARIA LALOU / Marijn Bril / Mark Prendergast / Mathew Kneebone / Mongeun Kim / Myles Painter / Natalia Jordanova / Perce Jerrom / Philip Chemayel / Philip Ullman  / Pilvi Takala / Puck Schot / Sierra Harris / Silvio Lorusso & Adriano Vulpio / Sjef van Beers / Sjoerd ter Borg & Mikaela Steby Stenfalk / Sunjoo Lee / Susanne Janssen / Thomas Walskaar / Valerie van Zuijlen / Wouter Stroet / Yifan Yaing / Zalán Szakács